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SS 1dot1 release

Page history last edited by Blake 10 years, 7 months ago

Things to do for 1.1



 - Make enemies fall backwards when you hit them

 - Make MC fall backwards when she is hit Shazam!



 - existence

 - variety

 - dialogue

 - wandering

 - Make Maple and Pierce useful

     - Maple: Make a rare, finite secondary "metal" currency that lets Maple upgrade your weapons -- your cannon shoots faster, your sabre stuns enemies when you're at full health, etc. 

          ^ I like



 - Boss battles

 - add to Light temple

 - more variety

     - Like-Like or similar thief-type enemy. 

          ^ This would probably necessitate introducing more expendable items. Wouldn't want the like-like to eat the sabre from the inaccessible water temple. Or even primary dungeon items. 

     - Birds or similar flying enemies that can traverse over obstacles

     - Evil frogs popping their heads out of the water and shooting beams

     - Electrified slimes that you can't attack using melee weapons -- must defeat using your cannon

     - Golems that easily shrug off cannon and melee attacks -- must throw bombs

     - Derelict automatic clockwork turrets from a bygone war -- just sits there and throws timed bombs at incoming people like you.

          + Bonus item (see Maple's metal currency above) that turns the turrets to your side once you touch them, attacking enemies nearby

     ^ all doable

Plot / Story

 - More death

 - Make Supreme Commander actually matter

    o Kill Maple (or not? fixception is having second thoughts I'm okay with it, I just have to think it through)

 - Make Meyer actually matter

 - When you grab the light/dark stone make the player actually have to take an escape route that Pierce arranged



 - Guard against buying cannon ammo 

 - Cannon really should have limited ammo, as it is, the fire cannon is a game-breakingly good weapon.

 - Larger currency drops.  A "platinum piece" that is dropped instead of a gold piece occasionally and is worth 10.

 - Chopping bushes should occasionally drop things like life and money and ammo.



 - better life overlay (that doesn't obscure as much of the northern doors)

       - v1 done -- not final but a step in that direction 

 - currently equipped overlay

 - update dialog-display-thing

      - dialog paging

      - letter-by-letter display 

      - letter-by-letter (or even line-by-line or wait until question over) question prompts

      - auto word-wrap

 - Quest log

 - Overworld map 



 - The new word-wrapping dialog code bugs the signs

     - half-fixed, too mane new lines, won't work for signs with 4 directions (do we have any?) 

 - Life level isn't getting saved - This was by design. It's what the Zelda games do. Not necessarily good design and I can change it if that's what people want. 

     ^Do not want.  Reason: If you save with low life, you shouldn't get stuck back in a tough situation when you load after you die.

     I find it annoying that I have to work back up to a reasonable life-level every time I start the game.  If we're going to keep this I think we should start at 5/10 or 6/10 rather than 3/10.  Also, we don't really have any saves in dangerous places do we?

     We could put in another Zelda tradition where the life bar's capacity can increase from collecting life containers,

     ^ there was a life upgrade in one of the stores, I believe. Or did I not have time to add that to the shopping list? The code is there, though. It changes your life from 10 to 20. 

     ...and make save points also life restore points. That way we'll start at full life whenever we load, but the amount of health we get shouldn't be broken depending on where in the game we restart from.

 - Restore w/o previous save bug: http://pyweek.org/d/3598/#comment-8094 

 - Sprite render ordering (someone mentioned this in the rating comments)

 - Chopped bushes should leave a stem behind. 



 - Shopkeeper art

 - Menu BG artwork

 - Add Pierce and Hanlon to main menu page

 - Chopped bushes should leave a stem behind. If I recall correctly Spears already did this and by the time I noticed, I didn't have time to go back and throw it in. 

 - MC should put a cloak on when she is in the city, since she's wanted.

     + This can be acquired shortly after leaving the water temple as a tutorial on interacting with stores and money.

 - Enemy death animation -- can be a generic poofy explosion



 - Fix maps to conform to geometric continuity (screens actually connect without gaps, connection points actually correspond between screens) - I can make the scrolling occur such that it connects smoothly and scrolls diagonally however it needs to to make the connection. 

 - Secret areas and entrances

- Higher level stuff integrated into the engine. Similar to how I hacked the key system into the level model and took that burden off the map scripting. 

     - picking up items

     - pushing blocks?

     - switches hooked up to doors

     - I'd like to have an awesome "game" in each dungeon. Just like the mirror puzzle, but themed for each temple. We should have a brainstorming session about this and have a clear set plan for each temple and architect them around that. 

     - Utilize layering. It'll give the temples much more personality to them. 

- Require items frequently


World Map

- Now that we have the leisure of time, add the level of detail I was initially hoping for to the overworld. No open spaces! Need things. 

- Signs. Signs everywhere. 

- Reduce the complexity of the forest. 

- Dirt paths to give players a clearer picture of connections between locations.

- Blockades to stop players from reaching places where they shouldn't go. Can be cleared using dungeon-specific items or event variables.

- Make the airship more complicated. Teach the player to jump from higher to lower areas, push buttons to open doors, push crates to get to the water stone, etc. (Note: The engine can't support jumping from level to level without massive hackery)

- Secret areas in the overworld.

- Basic Area Isolation puzzles.  Think the boulders on the way to zora's domain. (Tried to do this with the dark temple with the broken bridge, but it's worth brainstorming these for specific situations for the rest of the game)



-anyone want any?  

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