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Since more than one person may be interested in a given thing claim them as a sub-bullet instead of with color


General interests:

  1. Turn based strategy
    1. Falun
    2. ikanreed
      1. general reasoning: you can focus on the game theory "interestingness" of game object interactions rather than physics realism.  Turn based gives you a better opportunity to think about the GAME you are making, rather than the engine.
      2. Natural disadvantages: you can't rely on physical challenges to push the game through tricky parts. 
    3. fixception (general strategy game)
  2. "MMO" _or_ being the first team to feature a complete and enjoyable networked game.
    1. Falun
    2. Networked would be interesting. But please, not an MMORPG.
  3. Auto-generated world. I've been thinking about this a lot. I think I can build a 3D world with cities and roads but it'd take the whole week of effort on my part. I'd also definitely try experimenting with this and make a few NP posts out of this before committing to it in a PyWeek. 


Technical Points

  1. Move off PyGame
    1. fixception
    2. No. Unless you can find libraries that do all the things PyGame does. (Joystick control, Music, Sound, Graphics)
    3. UPDATE: I've been prototyping using Pyglet and it is awful for 2D games. It lacks basic geometric drawing methods (without using full-blown openGL calls) which will be a mild productivity blow during the first few days when I'm working with lines, circles and rectangles. Also it has no notion of intermediate surfaces which is crucial for a lot of the caching that may need to be done. If we're going to make a 2D game, we will stick with PyGame. If we do 3D, then Pyglet would be a reasonable choice since the PyGame 3D support is dependent on an additional library which itself is a thin wrapper for OpenGL like Pyglet. 
  2. Finally try our hand at 3D
    1. Falun, maybe
    2. Definitely
    3. pygame does not do 3D.  You can't be for keeping pygame, and also for moving to 3d.
    4.  ^ Yes it does. 


What are some things that we could take inspiration from?  PyWeek10 it was classic NES-era platformers, PyWeek11 was the desire to build a "steampunk zelda."  For PyWeek12 what are games we want to take cues from?

  • Dwarf Fortress + Civilization (MMO + strategy concept)
    • I think the fact that it's one week makes the MMO idea basically a no go.  Rapid serialization with data prioritization is NOT easy.   I've made my fair shake of attempts at a basic networked game architecture, and just doing that is a half week of programming. 
  • Rockman EXE / Megaman Battle Network (TBS-Action hybrid) 
  • Archmage ( http://www.the-reincarnation.com/ )
    • Semi-persistent world with reset (new players have a chance to learn mechanics first game and win subsequent resets)
    • "Turn based" without blocking on other players
  • Katamari Damacy. Not the physics concept, but the general feeling you get while playing it. I'd REALLY like to try something simple and unique next time. Some sort of game mechanic that is very clear and has a high effort-reward cycle. (addictive) The simpler the game mechanic, the better and the rest of coding effort could be entirely dedicated to polish. 
  • NO MORE CLONES!  Down with clones. 

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