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The Pollinator

Page history last edited by Adrian Cline 10 years, 6 months ago


     This is going to be an inverted tower deffense game.  Basically that means you control the path that the "enemies" take through the course and an adversary is trying to stop you.  Points can be used to upgrade your units or make one-time changes to the landscape.  We'll be playing against a timer and the points spent upgrading are also the points used for victory (so 1000 points gathered, you need 700 to win -- if you spent 200 on upgrades 150 on landscape changes you would lose)


Milestone 1

  • Bees follow waypoints set, support one flightpath
  • Bees take time to gather/deposite pollen when they reach a flower
  • Arriving back at the hive gives points based on collected pollen 


Milestone 2

  • Static (non-moving) environmental hazards
    • A thing that sits on the board and dispays an area of effect when you select it
    • It should have a health (or be made such that we can add one if we support damaging
      and/or destroying hazards.
    • There will be three types of hazards -- those that do damage to everything in it's AOE (like
      a bug spray), those that fire projectiles or attack (flyswatter), and those that randomly
      attract a bee away from the path (uh, flypaper? ... maybe not)
    • Each interaction with the hazard should damage the bee, if it's a "continuous damage"
      hazard then the damage should be done in a steady manner (x/tick in area)
  • Bee damage and death 
  • Bee Spawning & flow control / limiting how many bees can be on a path
    • Bee Spawning -- Implement "spawn new bee" at a variable point cost (tie it to a button for
      the time being).  Might be worth making this operation take some time (to give justification
      to having more bees than can be concurrently used).
    • Flow Control -- Allow a cap on how many bees can exist on a path at any given time.  Let's
      say 10 bees exist and each path has  limit of 4.  That means two bees will be sitting around
      doing nothing until a bee dies.


Milestone 3

  • Infrastructure for bee upgrades and a few upgrades implemented
  • Victory/Loss condition and screen 
  • Passage of time / stage progression (Basically just a timer on the stage)


Milestone 4 

  • Dynamic (moving, evolving, placed) environmental hazards
  • Multiple flighpaths 
  • Flower depletion (so you can't just mine the same flower for the entire stage) 


Milestone 5

  • Stage objective screen 




Upgrade Ideas 

  • Number of bees on flights
  • Number of flightpaths supported
  • Speed of bees
  • Durability of dees
  • Bee spawn rate (how do you replace bees that die?)
  • Bee health recovery rate 
  • Pollen gather rate 
  • Angry bees that are on a flight bath to fight back at certain types of hazards (insects)
  • Increase pollen carry capacity (this implies that flightpath length is important)


Random Other Ideas

  • Dangerous plants (venus fly traps, Audrey 2)
  • Achievements / Awards
  • Scoreboard of all players
  • Hive vs Hive multiplayer (thanks fixception!) as well as Hive vs Adversary 
  • Dancing bees 

Open Issues

  • Bee spawn / replacement
  • Bee distribution across multiple flightpaths
  • Is there a maximum flightpath density?
  • What is there to stop an adversary from just crowding each flower with "towers"?
    • The same thing that keeps you from taking that approach on a tower defense
      game: limited resources.  Also, if the adversary crowds a flower that would limit
      the distribution else where which just means you alter your flightpath  
    • PM answer implies that the'adversary' has limited funds... right now that's beyond
      the scope  of this doc as it would require some AI or multiplayer work but is a path
      that we want to pursue if the game looks promising 




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