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Pyweek 12 Themes

Page history last edited by Richard 10 years, 3 months ago

A Thought on Assets

     If we end up doing a genre that we won't have sufficient people to do assets for (point/click adventure game as an example) we might be able to compensate by building real-world environments and taking pictures.


Coughlin Brothers Mortuary

     Game 1

You run the Coughlin Brother's Mortuary specializing in dealing with ... particularly rough types. Well I guess it's the Coughlin Brother Mortuary now.  Your borther is the most recent body taken in and you nobody knows why he was murdered.  As you're cataloging the items that were found on his body you come across some interesting things...


Gameplay is as an observer through a series of flashbacks based on the bodies that come into the morgue. Mechanics could go in several directions

  • primarily interactive-story with little actual action; could involve a bunch of clever things with story branching / replayability; heaviest asset requirement
  • structured or streamlined adventure
  • action game


Could be tied into Nine Times as well with 9 bodies showing up (or 8 and you have to save the person that is the 9th?)


A Fry Cook on Venus

     Game 1

This seems like it's begging for a King's/Space Quest style adventure <-- Light on programming, heavy on art/sound

I think if we were to make it a relatively short game we'd be able to do it.  The hard part is coming up with puzzles that aren't too obscure or too obvious.


     Game 2

You've just landed on Venus in your spaceship, the first human to ever set foot on the planet. Unfortunately, you are enslaved by the native Venusians, for whom you are forced to cook. Fried food is a delicacy there, and is what you are making.  In order to escape, you must sneak around the Venusian king's palace and gather ingredients to poison his food and create a distraction so you can get back to your spaceship!


     Battalion Chefs

the venusian fry cooks have actually developed into a super elite band of mercenaries/assassins given the danger of their original occupation
...what would the gameplay be at that point? XD
i have no idea
you're an interstellar assassin
you... fly around assassinating people
in different ways
lol, Assassin's Creed: Battalion Chefs


Warm and Soft

     Sheepish Farming Game

You are an alien running a vegetable farm. The vegetables grow on sheep-like animals (their fluff is really dirt and grass, and you'd literally have a stalk of veggies growing out of one as it nonchalantly waddles around). The goal of the game is to herd the sheep to maximize sunlight, food, and water intake in the most efficient manner, while avoiding predators that would eat the crops or the "sheep" outright.


The "sheep" require 3 things to grow crops well:

1) They need to be fed. This means sending them out to pasture or growing crops specifically to feed them. Sheep that get too hungry would start to eat their own vegetable, ruining your crop in the process. Sheep that don't have their own vegetable would of course die of starvation.

2) They need to drink water to nourish their crops. This means herding them out to water sources efficiently. Lakes and streams can accomodate more sheep than say a well. You may also expend money to create artificial drinking fountains to lessen the risk of predators and industrial poisoning.

3) They need WARM sunlight. This means they have to go outside for some time anyway. This exposes them to predators. If the weather isn't favorable, you can expend money to construct sun lamps indoors, but they're not nearly as effective and are very expensive.


There are different kinds of crops, though I suppose the SOFT cotton crop would sell for the most money in order to emphasize the theme more. The downside is that cotton cannot be recycled for feed, the sheep can't eat that even in times of emergency, and sheep are physically slower when growing cotton, so you have to look after them well.


Purchaseables also include herding/defending dogs, fences, scarecrows, and automatic weapons (that might scare the sheep too much and be counterproductive).


And I guess the practical goal is the stereotypical "you're-in-deep-debt-because-your-dad-is-an-asshole-gambler" deal where you have to earn increasing X amounts of money every month to pay back loans.


     Hotel sim game -- "Our service is warm and our beds are soft"


A puzzle/platformer where you alternate control between two characters who have different special abilities, warm and soft.  I was thinking adorable stuffed bears and everything is toys.


Sausage King

     Game 1 -- Tycoon/economic management

You run a sausage factory that is producing this hilariously (and theoretically infinitely) long link of sausage, and you have to keep the machines going. The sausage's length where the machine gives up or produces subpar sausage forms the bulk of the score. To increase points output, herbs, spices, and exotic meats may be added.


We could add "trends" of popular sausage fillings that the player may choose to switch machine parts to follow for greater profit, if possible. For example, the public may for a time increasingly demand sirloin beef be put into premium sausages, or may experience a health fad that prefers vegetarian sausages, the latter of which would require a major change in machine parts.


There was an idea where PETA and the FDA would get mad over inappropriate amounts of meat in the mix, but I don't think that would be enjoyable to balance.


     Game 2 -- Tower defense

Similar to the above you run a sausage factory (or pig herd, or something) you're trying to keep production up on a steady supply of sausage.  Pigs, chickens, cows, etc enter the plant at varying rates and you have to set up machines to process them before they escape.

Upgrades to the machines are obvious routes to take and as the game progresses you could have to deal with defense against PETA agents trying to poison your sausage or by slipping in strange animals / going through the plant with explosives / something


^ Potential elaboration: The cow/pig/chicken army is trying to attack and destroy the factory. Rather than tower defense "rounds" it's a constant stream that slowly increases. This sort of meshes the mechanism of this idea with The Giver idea for Nine Times. 


Nine Times

     Zombie action/comboing game

A 2D co-op zombie beat-em-up action game that strongly emphasizes combos and features the number 9.

    • Every 9-combo increases your damage
    • Every 9 9-combos levels you up permanently
    • 9 weapons
    • 9 types of zombies
    • 9 levels
    • OVER 9000 DAMAGE achievement
    • Survival mode for 99, 999, and 9999 seconds.

This is sort of the kind of look I'm going for, except obviously without all the energy bolts and you have probably 4 players at most.


     Scaling mechanics, no gameplay yet

basically you're playing $thing at a given level and when you beat it the game zoom out
at each level there is a new mechanic added or existing mechanic slightly altered
in my head it wants to be a micro-tbs or puzzle game


After scaling up 8 times (at the 9th level) you've reached the full gameplay portion which (ideally) would continue to feature chains of 9, groups of 9, etc


Possible scales:

     Room -> Building -> Street -> Neighborhood -> City -> State ->Country -> Continent -> World


A general graphical motif for 9x would be to have a 3x3 set of squares which you must "take over" as part of the game. After doing so, the squares zoom out to reveal that they make up just one of a larger 3x3 set. Gameplay continues in this larger scale, with perhaps one additional twist every scale up or two.


     The Giver

Single Player Real-Time Strategy (I was seeing this more turn based than real-time)

The gameplay component ("$thing") in question is an infection game. To give this a positive spin, I propose that the premise be "spreading emotions and culture in an apathetic world", like Lois Lowry's "The Giver". The high level story is that in a gray, quiet world whose people are devoid of emotion, a young girl discovers an old piece of culture (i.e. a love song or a poem), and begins spreading it to people around her, starting from her room (see scale proposed by Falun above). You control all the "emotional" people in this Real-Time Strategy game, trying to help this civilization rediscover emotion. Your enemies are the authorities (a twist starting from the "Neighborhood" level), who do not like such displays of disharmony.


"Culture" is the currency of the game.


The "emotionals" in this game can do several crucial actions:

    1. Stay still and produce more culture. The more of them gathered together to do this together, the better, though some types of people mesh better than others (a twist introduced in the "Building" level).
    2. Actively spread the culture to the emotionless. This uses up "culture" and success is dependent on exposure. The exact mechanism has yet to be determined.
    3. Destroy propaganda machines. This attracts negative attention and should be used sparingly.
    4. Develop more methods to spread culture.


          I think it should be important to avoid conflict. The authorities can bring fear that would cause the emotionals to return to being emotionless.


Graphically, "cultured" areas are colored, "emotionless" areas are gray. Maybe we can depict people as simple shapes. The "emotionless" are gray question marks. The "types of people" who produce culture differently (see (i)) can be depicted in different colored simple shapes, such as green triangles, red circles, etc.


Blake and Falun Figuring stuff out


Adding complexity to mechanics at higher scales could be done by introducing new types of culture that have different impacts on people:

     Music, Dance, Art, Theatre, etc


Potential "The Giver" progression

  1. room
    1. scripted level
  2. building
    1. zone control
  3. street
    1. ape visits
  4. neighborhood
    1. culture machine
  5. city
    1. thought police
    2. different types of culture (only compatible, music/dance?)
  6. state
    1. more culture types
    2. more thought police types
    3. slower move-rates
    4. slower conversion rates
  7. country
    1. culture tech tree / culture benefits
    2. propaganda (pro and against)
  8. continent
    1. different culture zones / conversion rates
    2. maybe more tech-tree stuff?
  9. world
    1. nothing? full scale risk/galcon style game


     See Coughlin Brother's Mortuary Game 1


Genre List:

  • Puzzle - Open ended
  • Vehicle
    • Car
    • Space Ship
  • Fighting/Dueling - it'd have to be pretty clever in some way to be fun
  • Food prep/manufacturing
  • Conquest
    • Real-Time Strategy
    • Turn-Based Strategy - If we decide to do multiplayer, I don't think this is impossible for 1 week
  • Room Escape
  • Point and Click Adventure
    • Structured - like King's Quest
    • Streamlined - like a Zelda without dungeons and all sidequests
  • Drawing / Physics
    • anything that's fairly fluid
  • Programming
    • exec is a little scary or creating our own language. Or possibly not scary. See http://www.kongregate.com/games/Coolio_Niato/light-bot
    • if we want to do a programming type thing it's all about limiting the possible actions -- that was the downfall of PyRTS, we let them do way too much -- they had a turing complete (assembly style) language at their disposal
  • Timed Agility Challenges
    • like Omniventure
  • Rhythm / Audio stuff


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