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Intro sequence

Page history last edited by fixception 10 years, 3 months ago

I didn't imagine there being any dialogue. Might work, though.


Setting: 2080, generic suburb


 MC - Main character
 L - Sister


[background: black]


This is the story of a future.  Not the only future but one of many...


[music: BigBrother.mp3]
[background: fade to greyscale nondescript urban environment]


"Good morning citizens. Today is 11 Ineo 1:1, Utopia Year 27. Today's weather is sunny."


In all honesty it's not a bad place to be. Food is plentiful. Crime is rare. You can't 

beat that when the rest of the world has only craters and despair to offer.


"Please extend your thanks to each other for working hard for our happiness every day."

[background: urban environment -> street with rows of identical houses, still greyscale and drab]


But perhaps we were too earnest, too successful. As resources became less scarce people stopped striving to

stand out above their peers, as differences were eliminated to calm an angry populace, creativity seemed to go with them.


"We would like to take a moment to remind all citizens that Items of Color are to be left alone and reported immediately for the safety of all."


On the altar of unity and utopia we placed music, theatre, dance, literature.  --Anonymous Author, Before Utopia Year 3


"Thank you for keeping our society harmonious for a bright future. Please enjoy your day."


[music: fade to silence]

[fade through black to room / zoom level 1, everything grey ]
[setting: room, bed covered in stuff]


MC - *sniffle* Are they really going to tear this place down?

L - They've always wanted to. Granny never gave up on it. They've already taken away most of her Color things while she was in the hospital... what a tough woman.


L - Well, guess I'll get started with the living room...

MC - I'll take care of her study then...

L - I'm around if you want to talk, okay?


[L leaves the room]
[music: silent]


[MC goes to a box on the bed]
MC - huh, I wonder what this is...

MC - What a huge disk... I thought people all switched to datasticks ages ago... does it go on here?

[MC places item on a stereo-thing]

[color starts entering the world centered around the music box]
[about 5 second delay]


[L enters]
L - Are you okay? What's with that smile?
L - Wait, isn't that a Color? Aren't we supposed to-

MC - Ssh.

[listen at least 3 seconds, they start to colorate]


L - I remember this... it's that stuff Gran used to talk about, music. she used to play it to us when the minders aren't around... I haven't thought about this in years...
MC - Don't you think we should let others know about this? There's no other reason why Gran would try so hard to keep them.

L - What about the old guy next door? Maybe he would know more if we showed this to him...

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