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Page history last edited by Cosmologicon 8 years, 9 months ago

Landing Era

HQ 1x1 cannot be built. you start with this

greenhouse 1x1 produces a small amount of food

solar still 1x1 produces a small amount of water

clinic tent 1x1 allows production of more than 4 buildings

simple turret 1x1 weak machine gun turret issued to you as part of the landing equipment. Can only have 2. 

aquifer pump 2x2 produces water and unlocks agriculture era



Sprouting Roots Era

farm field 2x2 produces more food than greenhouse

small drill 1x1 produces a variety of minerals

quarry 2x2 produces concrete, unlocks ability to lay road

workshop 1x1 unlocks mechanical era


Mechanical Era




Uncategorized stuff we might need:

Radar 1x1 to find neighbors

Beacon to invite waves of attacks

Water treatment facility 2x2 produces more water, made this 2x2 since it should be easy to draw, being a large vat. 

Research Center 1x1

Smithy 1x1 

Manufacturing Facility 2x2 builds seeker bots used for orchestrating reverse tower defense attacks on neighbors

Flame Turret 1x1 stronger turret

Plasma Turret 1x1  stronger turret

Ballistics Turret 1x1 stronger turret 

Reactor 1x1 unlocks next era


There's a lot of buildings here that are devoted to collecting resources and letting you build other buildings, and only a couple that are actual weapons. I definitely would prefer to downplay the resource management aspect and focus on the defense/offense aspects. That's the more fun part, IMHO. If the players have to play through 3 stages of growing different types of hydroponic potatoes before they can build a single laser, they're going to get bored and log off.

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