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Remaining Flight Plan (PW15)

Page history last edited by Satyrane 8 years, 9 months ago

By the time I wake up, PyWeek will be half over, which means it's end-game time. As far as I know, this is everything that's left. I'll also be using this page to track open code bugs. I'm going to _try_ to finish up the code by Friday 5PM and give us the remaining 24 hours to handle disasters and play test. 


Someone want to do a blog entry?


(I went ahead and used your colors to indicate ownership)


Code (Blake and Cosmo)

  • [S] Title Menu (show all accounts that are in users.txt)
  • [XXL] Tutorial - if the interactive tutorial becomes too much, I can fall back to just doing it by a screenshot slideshow, but this is about 50% of what people will see, so if it's stellar, it'll have a huge affect on our score.
  • [L] optimization and profiling. I suspect there are a couple performance issues that could boost our framerate 50-100%.
  • [XXL] Battles: mostly done. Remaining subtasks....
    • [S] Buildings that are disabled appear ghosted, buildings that are destroyed just leave their platform behind until the end of the battle
    • [M] Attackers choose new target if their current target is destroyed before they reach it.
    • [S] Integrate sprites for aliens and seeker bots.
    • [S] Seeker bots should fire lasers instead of self-destructing.
    • [M] AI pathfinding heuristic still needs a little work - aliens can get caught in rare cases.
    • [S] HQ cannot be harmed while there are Beacons protecting it.
  • [?] Border highlights 
  • [S] Credits scene
  • [S] Story scene
  • [XS] Hot key navigation
  • [S] build menu captions
  • [S] Juke Box 
  • [XS] Release housekeeping and README.txt 
  • [S] Cache platforms and image together into 1 image This is just a wild guess of how to improve things, since platforms are being recalculated each frame. I'm noticing significant slowdown if there's lots of buildings on the screen which will probably be common.
  • [S] Curiosity landing sequence
  • [S] login_id key canonicalization
  • [XXS] demolish by selection
  • [M] battle report
  • [S] Prevent adjacent building placements - Now that I think about this, this will have to be server-enforced since someone can place buildings next to each other really fast before the server can echo them back to the client. Upgrading from XS to S Can we have a Construction Site building on the client side that gets replaced when building is complete (like Construction and Destruction instant feedback below)? This would prevent having to check adjacency server side, since the construction site would have the same footprint.
  • [S] ending scene 
  • [M] starting player placement on server
  • [XS] prevent water walking
  • [S (ea)] BUILDINGS
  • [S] Construction and Destruction instant feedback (client token magic)
  • [M] Save latest event ID per sector (things will work without this, just an optimization)
  • [S] Fix building poll bug (related to above)
  • [M] Close lingering threads on exit
  • [S] Call player.setrun(True/False) every frame before player.update depending on whether run key is held down (I recommend Shift)
  • [S]Change to shoot mode when entering battle or when leaving base
  • [M] Improve parcel pre-processing to avoid hiccups
  • [S] Call player.sethp0(1+number of med tents) whenever this changes and player.healall() whenever accessing a med tent
  • [M] icons with counts for each of the 3 types of bots when attacking (optional but nice)
  • [S] Free-range aliens shouldn't be able to enter base
  • [S] borders should stop at sector edge
  • [S] Build verification: within borders (see playscene.build_thing Moved to potato.is_within_borders 
  • [S] jukebox.play_voice everywhere 
  • [S] Bug: you can bring up menus on other people's buildings
  • [M] Meter showing the amount of data you've accumulated at all times, and required data amounts in the research menu
  • [S] Bug: build limits persist if you demolish a building
  • [XS] Bug: backing out of the Turret menu takes you to the wrong submenu


Build and tech tree

  • Should be finalized ASAP - I think we should take half an hour tomorrow and discuss this


Writing & Voice (Satyrane)

  • Tutorial snippets (I'll have to stub this one out once we figure out what the tutorial is going to be like)
  • Ending
  • Voiceover notifications:
    • warnatt.ogg: "Warning. Defensive perimeter disabled. Base is under attack." 
    • ressuc.ogg: "Research successful"
    • resfail.ogg: "Research failed"
    • infsuc.ogg: "Infiltration successful."
    • inffail.ogg: "Infiltration failed."
    • hqwarn.ogg: "All shields disabled. Headquarters is vulnerable to attack."
    • newres.ogg: "New research available."
    • cons.ogg: "Constructing."
    • concom.ogg: "Construction complete."
    • scan.ogg: "Scanning"
    • insres.ogg: "Unable to build. Insufficient resources."
    • noadj.ogg: "Unable to build. Structures may not be adjacent."
    • nowater.ogg: "Unable to build. Structures may not be adjacent to water." 


Art - Spears

  • Buildings
  • Menu icons
  • Aliens
  • Cosmo sprite 


Art - Fixception

  • Title (title.png)
    • 30% coloring complete
  • Intro slideshow
    • Capsule above planet (story1.png) - 80% coloring complete, not satisfied with star field, capsule shading, or geography coloring
    • Inside capsule (story2.png)- 50% coloring complete, needs shading
    • Will do one of capsule with parachute
    • Might do one of capsule flying across atmosphere
  • Ending slideshow
    • Liftoff (ending1.png) - 60% complete, need to add monsters on dirt path rushing towards launchpad, needs shading in smoke, grass, and path
    • Reuse pic of capsule above planet


Music - ikanreed

  • Title (can re-use a general playlist song if time doesn't permit, otherwise this can be an incredibly short loop, like...two ominous chords repeating. People will spend at most 10 seconds here)
  • Story (can be as short as it takes to read the intro dramatically)
  • Ending (doubles for credits music)
  • if possible, 1 (hopefully 2) more songs for the general gameplay playlist.  (If possible, one song for building/exploration mode, and one for battle mode. It would be great if the first were more atmospheric and the second were more urgent. -Cosmo)


Sound effects

  • click.ogg: short, subtle click when you click on a menu item     
  • wrong.ogg: negative sound when you click on a disabled menu item
  • gunshot.ogg
  • laser.ogg as beamish.ogg
  • zot.ogg: electric shock sound, made by the tesla tower
  • phaser.ogg: weird electronic sci-fi sound, made by the tractor beam
  • raygun.ogg: pew
  • build.ogg: hammering/drilling sound when you start to build a structure
  • ouch.ogg: sound your character makes when you get hurt
  • splat.ogg: sound an alien makes when you kill it as squish.ogg
  • kaboom.ogg: sound a building makes when it gets destroyed as destroyed.ogg
  • klaxon.ogg: "red alert" warning sound 
  • takeoff.ogg: sound of the rocket lifting off in the end 



Minor task list for Cosmo (mostly optional):

  • make platforms gray
  • subtle transition on menus
  • auto-fill user name on startup if it exists
  • backspace to back out of the menus as well as escape
  • aliens get pushed back when they're hit
  • Esc brings up quit menu
  • F12 for screenshot
  • [M] partial motion when walking against obstacles (use model coordinates to simplify the math)



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